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Porcelain Phryte Dolls were known across America and around the world for their realism, quality, and life like size. Making the doll as lifelike as possible was the passion of the Phryte family. Each doll was made to order, and costumers could even purchase custom dolls that looked just like their own child, right down to the eye color, hair color and clothing. Haunted Attractions

Many of the company’s customers where parents who had lost a child to plague, childhood diseases, or other tragedies and ordered these “twin” dolls with their deceased child’s own hair incorporated into the doll making process. Never was this more true than when the sole heir of the Phryte family name lost his young daughter Grievance Phryte, to the illness that devastated Phryteville. Town gossip circulated that Augustus Phryte had turned the corpse of his beloved daughter into a life sized, realistic Phryte Doll. To this day, Augustus Phryte, treats each doll as if it was alive. Many local people believe that they are.

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