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Halloween ActivitiesLooming over what was once the town of Phryteville is the ancestral home to the Phryte family, Phryte Manor. For over 200 years this exquisite example of Victorian Italianate Architecture has been expanded and added to as rooms were needed for new family members. Over time the house became a labyrinth of odd shaped hallways, stairways that go nowhere, and doors that open to brick walls. Whole sections of the building remain only half completed from the time of the town plague that also devastated the Phryte family.

Now operated as a bed and breakfast by the Phryte family, historical tours of the massive home are available upon request. So that you don’t get lost in this maze-like house, stay close to your tour guides, members of the Phryte family who still reside in the structure. Please don’t be alarmed by their personality quirks, or stare at the contorted faces of these unfortunate Phrytes many of whom show signs of the debilitating family disease. They are just people just like you… if your last name was Phryte.

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